TweetShelf Premium gives you more ways to access your stories.

Free Account

Stories in your timeline
Stories in curated lists
Daily email digest
Recent 25 items for Recently Viewed / Starred / Saved For Later

Premium Account

Everything in Free Account
Stories in the lists you follow
Hourly email alerts
All items for Recently Viewed / Starred / Saved For Later
Custom Dark and Light themes

Premium Features


View stories for all the lists you have created or follow on Twitter.

Hourly email alerts

Get an hourly email with upto 5 new articles shared by a given number of friends in the last 24 hours. You can potentially get 24 mails per day x 5 articles = 120 articles in mail every day. Not only does the important news come to you as it happens, it gives you one more channel to consume content and frees you from opening the app regularly.

Recently Viewed stories

Access your browse history - view ALL the stories you have viewed recently (upto 30 days). Free account has a limit of 25 recent stories.

Mark as Starred / Saved For Later

Mark stories you find interesting as Starred and Save For Later. Premium account gives you access to ALL the stories marked as Starred and Save For Later. Free account has a limit of 25 recent stories.

Custom Themes

Custom Dark themes (Grey, Blue) and Light themes (Sepia).

All Device Access

Your premium subscription is linked to your Twitter account. You can access it on any number of devices including iOS and Android apps and the Web.


Premium subscription is $5.99 per month. Price in local currency varies by country. Annual subscription is not available as of now, but will be added in future.

How to upgrade

You can upgrade to TweetShelf Premium in either iOS app or Android app. As of now, upgrade functionality is not available on the Web.


You can contact us if you have any questions related to Premium account.