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  • Oct 1
    Bot Hunting Is All About the Vibes
    by Dhruv Mehrotra
    At the heart of every bot-detection tool is a human's gut feeling—and all the messiness that comes with it. · 5h · Article
  • Tesla Unveils Optimus, a Walking Humanoid Robot, at AI Day 2022
    by Stephen Shankland
    Two prototype robots could walk, wave their arms, and grip with fingers. CEO Elon Musk says they'll eventually cost $20,000. · 4h · Article
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils prototype of humanoid Optimus robot
    by Andrew J. Hawkins
    Musk said the robot will cost “probably” less than $20,000. · 4h · Article
  • Joe Rogan and Oprah's bestie caught texting with Elon Musk over Twitter buy
    by Matt Binder
    Jack Dorsey, Gayle King, and others all slid into Musk's texts. · 6h · Article
  • Price of New A.L.S. Treatment Will Be $158,000 Per Year, Maker Says
    by Pam Belluck
    The list price of the therapy, Relyvrio, is much higher than an economic research group recommends, but the company says most patients will pay very little... · 4h · Article
  • College Financial Aid: File Your FAFSA Application as Early as Possible
    by Peter Butler
    Even if you don't know where you're going to college next year, file FAFSA as soon as you can. · 5h · Article
  • Facebook and Instagram are officially NFT-positive in the U.S.
    by Christianna Silva
    You haven't been asking for it, but it's here. · 4h · Article
  • Fresh Images Reveal Fireworks from DART’s Asteroid Impact
    by Alexandra Witze, Nature magazine
    The celestial crash between NASA’s DART spacecraft and the asteroid Dimorphos is yielding spectacular pictures and data. · 4h · Article
  • Texts show roll call of tech figures tried to help Elon Musk in Twitter deal
    Supporters of $44 billion bid included Larry Ellison and podcaster Joe Rogan. · 4h · Article
  • 3 Reasons You Should Use a Weighted Stuffed Animal for Anxiety
    by Taylor Leamey
    It's like a weighted blanket, but make it cute and cuddly. · 6h · Article
  • The best Nintendo Switch controllers to buy right now
    by Cameron Faulkner
    Including stellar options from 8BitDo, Hori, and Nintendo. · 5h · Article
  • What Do Mysterious Nord Stream Methane Leaks Mean for Climate Change?
    by Katharine Sanderson, Nature magazine
    Researchers are rushing to calculate the greenhouse-gas emissions resulting from mysterious leaks in major gas pipelines that connect Russia to Europe. · 2h · Article
  • 20-year-old Linux workaround is still slowing down AMD systems
    A little fix for CPUs that didn't properly sleep had decades-long consequences. · 2h · Article
  • Google ad shows Pixel 7 Pro camera zoom, Pixel Watch UI and new bands [Video]
    by Abner Li
    For the past week, Google has been running a Pixel 7 ad on YouTube that happens to reveal a lot more of the Pixel Watch than we've... · 2h · Article
  • Elon Musk touted the 'importance' of Tesla being a publicly traded company just 4 years after trying to take it private with his 'funding secured' tweet
    by Samantha Delouya
    Elon Musk discussed the benefits of Tesla being a publicly traded company multiple times during the company's AI Day event, calling it "essential.". · 2h · Article
  • Which AirPods Should You Buy?
    Apple sells four types of AirPods, including three sets of earphones and one pair of headphones. We compare them all to help you determine which is right for... · 2h · Article
  • Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s humanoid robot prototype
    by Richard Waters
    Chief executive says ‘Optimus’ should soon be able to walk and one day will carry out a range of jobs. · 2h · Article
  • NYPD Considers Using Encryption To Block Public From Radio Scanner Broadcasts - Slashdot
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: The NYPD says it wants to reimagine its current police communication system and transition to encrypted... · 2h · Article
  • OpenAI's Dall•E 2 may mean we never need stock photos again
    Typing a sentence about a scenario, such as an anxious Windows user seated at their desk seeing a patch warning, could give you just the image you need to... · 3h · Article
  • Elon Musk said Tesla's AI robot Optimus will eventually 'cost less than a car' and could lead to a 'future with no poverty'
    by Samantha Delouya
    Elon Musk said Tesla's AI bot Optimus could take over manufacturing jobs one day, meaning "a future of abundance... where there is no poverty.". · 3h · Article
  • Report finds insiders are a bigger data exposure risk than most executives think - SiliconANGLE
    Report finds insiders are a bigger data exposure risk than most executives think - SiliconANGLE. · 2h · Article
  • BigBasket looks to raise $200 million at up to $3.5 billion valuation
    “The company continues to grow 40% annually as projected earlier internally. This financial year ending March 2023, the company is expected to generate sales... · 3h · Article
  • Tesla shows off underwhelming human robot prototype at AI Day 2022
    First Optimus prototype walked onto stage, waved. Another one needed support and slumped over. · 3h · Article
  • How to Import Data Into Excel by Snapping a Photo of It
    Take a picture of something with the Microsoft Excel mobile app, and it will turn the photograph into editable text inside a spreadsheet. Here's how to do it. · 3h · Article
  • Quiet quitting, meet silent sacking
    ​While smaller companies such as have announced mass layoffs with alarming regularity, tech giants such as Meta and Google have been more subtle –... · 3h · Article
  • Hundreds of Hospitals Are at Risk of Hurricane Flooding
    by Chelsea Harvey, E&E News
    Florida hospitals are among the most vulnerable to flooding during hurricanes, but others along the East Coast and Gulf Coast are at risk, too. · 3h · Article
  • Gboard is available in a new physical form factor, courtesy of Google Japan [Video]
    by Abner Li
    Google Japan is back with a new physical form factor for Android's default keyboard app: the Gboard bar... · 3h · Article
  • Tesla's humanoid robot Optimus waved and danced on stage at the company's AI event. Elon Musk said the bot could do more, but he 'didn't want it to fall on...
    by Samantha Delouya
    A rough prototype of Tesla's humanoid AI bot made its official public debut. One Tesla presenter called it "just humble beginnings.". · 3h · Article
  • Tesla's robot strategy is inextricably tied to its Autopilot strategy, for better or for worse
    by Darrell Etherington
    Tesla is tying its humanoid robot product to its Autopilot system — but is that a good idea given the latter's challenges? · 3h · Article
  • Elon Musk shows off humanoid robot prototype at Tesla AI Day
    by Lora Kolodny
    Tesla's AI Day 2022 was mainly a recruiting event, according to CEO Elon Musk. · 3h · Article
  • Tesla's first Optimus robot comes alive, Musk says it will cost less than $20,000
    At AI Day 2022, we got our first look at the Tesla robot and Elon Musk explained why it could lead to "a fundamental transformation of civilization.". · 3h · Article
  • Appeals Court Tells Cops Their Inability To Read A Temporary Plate Cannot Justify A Traffic Stop
    Pretextual stops are an unfortunate side effect of American law enforcement. When cops want to question people or root around in their cars, they’ll find... · 3h · Article
  • US Lawmakers Introduce Bill Allowing Crypto Investments in 401(k) Retirement Plans – Regulation Bitcoin News
    by Kevin Helms
    Several U.S. lawmakers have introduced a bill to provide 401(k) retirement savers access to a range of investments, including crypto assets. · 3h · Article
  • Tesla just shocked everyone with its Optimus robot prototype | Digital Trends
    by Alan Truly
    Tesla gave an impressive robotics demonstration, proving that the Optimus robot is a serious effort that might change the way work is done in the future. · 4h · Article
  • Tesla's robot is a real robot now, not just a guy in a suit
    by Kirsten Korosec
    Tesla revealed its first humanoid robot — a real robot this time, not just a hired actor in a weird robot suit. · 4h · Article
  • Elon Musk Unveils Prototype of Humanoid Optimus Robot - Slashdot
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed a prototype of a humanoid robot that he said utilizes the company's AI software, as well as the sensors that power its advanced... · 4h · Article
  • Dell Inspiron 16 Plus (7620) Review
    Dell's latest Inspiron 16 Plus isn't a perfect desktop replacement, but it offers robust features at a reasonable price, with solid performance from its 12th... · 4h · Article
  • Battery Giant CATL Supports IPOs of Raw Material Suppliers - Pandaily
    by Pandaily
    With the development of the new energy vehicle market, the number of listed enterprises with operations in the lithium industry is increasing. As a global... · 4h · Article
  • Too Many Shoes: Nike Takes A Hit On Inventory Woes
    Nike says supply-chain snarls have created a short-term glut, spurring it to mark down products through the holiday season. · 4h · Article
  • London Marathon 2022: Running for charity 'a chance to give back'
    by Manish Pandey
    Two marathon runners tell BBC Newsbeat about overcoming the odds to compete in the London Marathon. · 4h · Article
  • 22-year Apple executive forced out after making crude comment
    by Alan Friedman
    Former Apple executive Tony Blevins is leaving Apple after he made a crude comment to a TikTok content creator which got back to Apple. · 4h · Article
  • Surprise! This Ad Is Not What You Think
    Lovely nature images, heart-warming shots of couples having fun -- all turn into a parody of greenwashing ads, specifically directed at Chevron. · 5h · Article
  • Bush-Era Torture Apologist Steps Down From Call Of Duty Publisher
    by Ethan Gach
    Frances Townsend resigns as Activision's chief compliance officer but will still advise Bobby Kotick. · 4h · Article
  • SF To Feds: Cruise Driverless Cars Keep Blocking Our Roads - Slashdot
    After years of lobbying the state to increase regulations on autonomous vehicles, San Francisco officials are taking their case to the feds. San Francisco... · 5h · Article
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils prototype of humanoid Optimus robot
    by Andrew J. Hawkins
    Musk said the robot will cost “probably” less than $20,000. · 5h · Article
  • Pageviews, assemble! Why there’s no escaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe online
    In 2022, few pop-culture brands move the needle, so newspaper blue-bloods and recipe sites alike rally around Marvel Cinematic Universe content as their last... · 5h · Article
  • Tesla debuts an actual, mechanical prototype of its Optimus robot | Engadget
    by Andrew Tarantola
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised last year to have a working prototype of the Optimus robot ready to show off at AI Day 2022. · 5h · Article
  • How To Help Your Teen Handle Tech: 5 Practical Tips | Emily Weinstein and Carrie James
    What are teens actually doing on their smartphones? Contrary to many adults' assumptions, they are not simply “addicted” to their screens, oblivious to the a... · 5h · Video
  • Steam Review
    Loaded with titles and user-friendly features, Steam continues its reign as the best PC game store on desktop, laptop, or Steam Deck. · 5h · Article