Connecting Multiple Accounts

Connecting a Twitter account to TweetShelf is a one-time process. With all the cookies stuff, it can be a bit tricky to connect multiple accounts or switch to another account.

Let's say @account1 is your primary handle and you want to now connect @account2.

TLDR: Login to browser first, then try TweetShelf app.

Here are detailed steps (these are for mobile, similar steps apply for desktop):
  1. Open the system browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android) and go to
  2. Login to @account2. If you are already logged in to @account1, use the account switching functionality on Twitter website to login to your @account2.
  3. Make sure current selected account on is @account2.
  4. Open TweetShelf app and tap "Add another account" in the hamburger menu. On Twitter API authentication page, you should be automatically connected to @account2.
  5. You may have to try in TweetShelf app a couple of times for this to work.
If the above does not work,
  1. Clear cookies for in the system browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android). This will log you out of all current Twitter accounts.
  2. Go to in the system browser to double check that the cookies are cleared. Twitter should take you to login page.
  3. You can skip login to Twitter in the system browser and directly open TweetShelf app and tap "Add another account". It should ask for login/password on Twitter API authentication page and you can use @account2 credentials.
If it still does not work for some reason, contact support.
Once accounts are connected, you can switch them in one tap in TweetShelf app.